Twelfth meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)

April 9, 2015
National Institute for Aerospace
Hampton, Virginia



Welcome and Meeting Objectives
Lori Glaze and Pat Beauchamp

Planetary Science Division Status Report
Jim Green

Venus Express Aerobraking and End of Mission
Håkan Svedhem

Toward Venus orbit insertion of Akatsuki
Takeshi Imamura

Workshop on Comparative Tectonics and Geodynamics of Venus, Earth, and Rocky Exoplanets
Sue Smrekar

Comparative Climates of Terrestrial Planets II Conference
Lori Glaze

Prospects for International Collaboration for Venus Exploration
Sanjay Limaye

Extreme Environment Centennial challenge
Tibor Kremic and Matt Dolloff

Venus Exploration Targets Workshop: A Retrospective
Lori Glaze for Virgil (Buck) Sharpton

Venus Gravity Assist Science Opportunities (VeGASO) for Solar Probe Plus, Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo Missions
Marcello Coradini and Sanjay Limaye

Venus Science Priorities for Laboratory Measurements and Instrument Definition Workshop: Quick Results
Tibor Kremic, Kevin Baines, Martha Gillmore, Allan Treiman

Stratospheric Balloons for Planetary Science
Tibor Kremic

VEXAG Early Career Scholars Report
Lynnae Quick

Open Microphone Presentations

Venus Aeronomy – New Developments
Gronoff et al

Heat-shield for Extreme Entry Environment Technology (HEEET): A Progress Report to the VEXAG Community/A Technology Maturation by STMD/GCDP and SMD
Ethiraj Venkatapathy and Don Ellerby

Exploring Atmosphere & Surface Mineralogy of Venus with a Combined Remote Raman Spectroscopy & Elastic Lidar
Shiv Sharma, Paul Lucey, Upedra Singh, and Nurul Abedin

Stand-Off LIBS and Raman Spectroscopy Unlocks Key Science Questions Rapidly and Comprehensively