Fourteenth Meeting of the Venus Exploration and Analysis Group (VEXAG)

November 29–December 1, 2016
NASA Headquarters, Washington DC


NASA Reports

Planetary Science Division Status Report
Jim Green

New Frontiers Program Status
Curt Niebur

Planetary Science R&A Update
Jonathan Rall

ROSES Selection Data
Max Bernstein

Science Mission Directorate Strategic Technology - CubeSats
Carolyn Mercer for Michael Seablom

Mission Reports

Present Status of Akatsuki
Masato Nakamura

Report of the Venera-D Joint Science Definition Team:  "Together to Venus”
Ludmilla Zasova et al.

EnVision M5 Proposal
Richard Ghail

Venus Smallsats and Cubesat Missions
Jim  Cutts

Open Microphone and Poster Presentations

High Temperature Diamond Electronics for Actuator and Sensor Applications
Brianna Eller, et al.

Venus in a box – High Temperature NIR Emissivity Measurements of Venus Analogs
Jörn Helbert, et al.

How well do we know Venus’ Gravity Field ? A Retrospective
Peter James

Ultraviolet Absorber(s) on Venus – Bacteria?
Sanjay Limaye

Constraints on Lithospheric Rheology and Volatile Content from Observations of Coronae on Venus
Joseph O’Rouke

Automaton Rover for Extreme Environments (AREE)
Jonathan Sauder, et al.

Venus UHF Data Relay Standard / Venus 360 Visual Reality Film
Colin Wilson

General Topics

SiC Electronics
Carl-Mikael Zetterling

Venus Long-Life Surface Platform / Venus III Book / 2016 Venus Science Conference
Colin Wilson

Thoughts for Human Exploration of Venus
Noam Izenberg

Submillimeter-Wave Spectrometer for Small Satellites
Theodore Reck, Brian Drouin, et al.

USGS Capabilities to Support Venus Missions
Tim Titus

Venus Express Data Archive
Håkan Svedhem, et al.

High Temperature Technologies

Long-Lived In-Situ Solar System Explorer (LLISSE)
Tibor Kremic

GEER Status Update
Tibor Kremic

Goddard Venus Pressure Test Chamber (VICI)
Natasha Johnson

Student/Young Scholar Invited Talks

Detailed Mapping in the Alpha Regio (V-32) Quadrangle, Venus, and Testing A New Model for Coronae
Erin Bethell

Ground-based Observations of Venus from Apache Point Observatory
Candace Gray, et al.

Bismuth Tellurides and Sulfides Mixtures and their Relation to Metal Frost on Venus
Sara Port, et al.

New Insights about Formation Mechanisms of Fracture Zones from Detailed Geological and Structural Map of
Aphrodite Terra

David Tovar, et al.

VEXAG Activities and Conferences

Study on the Value of Participating Scientist Programs to NASA
Kevin Baines and Louise Prockter

Venus Science Priorities for Modeling and Experiments Workshop
Tibor Kremic and Paul Steffes

Conferences on Aeronomy of Terrestrial Planets
Dmitri Titov

Comparative Climatology of Terrestrial Planets III
Shawn Domagal-Goldman and Giada Arney

International Planetary Dunes Workshop
Tim Titus